Keep the Faith?

Posted on 12/13/2015

A few days ago I read the words "Keep the Faith" and found myself tearing up.  Wow.  This has become one of the most meaningless phrases due to its overuse.  Why was I so touched by this?  Was crying through TV commercials next?  

I’m not the least sensitive in our bunch, but I’m also not the toughest and I suddenly became aware that my faith, hope and joy were running low due to terrible world events and my own struggles.  I’m not defining faith by extreme, obsessive, religious behavior that starts with fear and turns to hate.  Isn’t that losing Faith?  

Keeping the Faith is filling up our tanks with thoughts and feelings of all the truly good, loving, wild things we hope for in our world.

You don’t have to make me cry twice — I know exactly what I have to do to keep the Faith.  



Music too!  Music, visual art, films, books, dance — it’s all healing to make or take in.   


I’m a city kid and a musician, which means I have spent more time indoors than all of you reading this put together!  I’m not a runner or a hiker, but I love to walk; I am always amazed by the ocean and I love to hang out with big trees.  


When I played a show at Zankel Halll (the basement venue of Carnegie Hall), they were by-the-book with all the union rules.  After lighting and soundcheck, the stage went “dark”. No one was supposed to be on the stage while the crew had their dinner/before-show break.  New York is a magic city.  Not only did that stage crew take their break that night, they came back all cleaned up, Cinderella-style, with jackets and ties!  Letting your stage go dark for a bit is a restorative non-activity.  Meditation, Reflection, Prayer, staring at the wall…all are good.  It’s hard for me to do a lot of times, but I am making the attempt to do this everyday.


I am a mom and I am going to use this fact to remind you to get some sleep, get some exercise, drink water and eat your fruits and vegetables.  I won’t elaborate.  There are millions of blogs, websites (and the whole state of California) devoted to these subjects.  Because I’ve had to stay well on the road, I studied this health stuff for years and have tried many things.  I will do whatever I have to do to keep well…even if it means not having french fries and cookies ALL the time.

I am not trying to be the boss of you.  I am not starting a lifestyle blog.  I want to remind you to look forward to all the goodness.  Fill up with love and fun and peace.  It’s the antidote to the hate and loss.

Have the Merriest of Holidays and let’s not only keep the faith -- let’s launch it!

All the best from Sam


PS -

Because we have had so many requests, my Christmas EP Cold Dark Night from the Long Play is now available for sale exclusively on my website at samphillips.com/store.  Also Push Any Button in LP, CD and digital formats are on sale for the holidays too!














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