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Posted on 8/21/2013


One of the great pleasures of traveling for me is finding great used book stores and record shops.  I just found a Nellie Lutcher record that included a duet with Nat King Cole.  I bought an MFK Fisher book of essays called As They Were that includes stories about two of my favorite subjects--food and California.  My intention here is not to recommend specific titles, but to recommend the search for what might appeal to you.  Technology has given us a great thing-- stores full of orphaned books and vinyl records.  There are treasures out there that are difficult to find on line, especially if you don't know that you're looking for them.  I like the element of fate..the way a book cover or record jacket catches your eye and makes you want to pick it up.  I like to think about why certain albums or books survived being discarded and ended up being offered a second life or two or three or four.  Most of all, I love finding a singer like Nellie Lutcher for the first time.  Happy hunting!

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Books and Records
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