Who Writes Songs About Rocks?

Posted on 8/22/2014

Hello Comrades—

To celebrate the End of Summer and Back to School I am offering you a song I wrote and recorded for Esopus magazine’s 20th issue in exchange for your email address. (See the signup form in the top loeft corner of this page.)  Esopus asked me to write a song about an object I own, so I wrote about a rock I found in the desert and named the song Teilhard (after the French philosopher/Jesuit/geologist). Teilhard preferred rocks to flowers because flowers wither and die, but rocks stick around a lot longer—tell that to your sweetheart the next time you give her rocks instead of flowers!

Eric Gorfain played violin, Jennifer Condos played bass, I sang and played guitar and Jay Bellerose played drums. We all had our desert boots on as we recorded this western number.  Have you ever heard the song "Man Walks Among Us" by Marty Robbins?  Whenever I think of the desert, I think of that song.  And whenever I think of Marty Robbins, I think of Steve Martin’s video to "El Paso" from his Comedy Is Not Pretty TV special.

Also, there is a big End of Summer Sale at samphillips.com through Septemebr 1st, so click on over to the store for signed (and plain) copies of my latest album, Push Any Button, before you go shopping for school supplies. (I still love those pen/pencil cases and notebooks…..)


All the best from Sam

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