Making Gilmore Girls Music

Posted on 6/3/2016


We are so lucky to have Jennifer Condos playing bass on the score for the Gilmore Girls revival!  Jen has played with Ray Lamontagne, Stevie Nicks, Ryan Adams, Warren Zevon, and many more. I recently asked her a few questions about food, dogs, and playing music...



Sam:  When you started playing bass, there weren't that many women who were bass players.  Who or what got you interested in playing? 

Jennifer: I was living in Woodstock, NY. There was a band named "The Rhinestones", Harvey Brooks was the bass player in the band. I would be drawn to his playing every time I heard him.  One day I asked him if he would give me lessons. He asked if I had a bass. When I told him I didn't he told me to go buy one.  That week I went to the local music store and bought my first Fender Precision bass.  I took a few lessons with Harvey, whenever he was in town. His playing and his encouragement inspired me.

Sam: One thing I love about working on Gilmore Girls is that there are a lot of women in the cast and crew.  Most music composers in film and TV are men.  In the music business, you and I have worked with men more than women.  Has that ever been difficult for you?

Jennifer: Playing music with men has never been difficult for me, though I don't love being the only woman on the road, but that's only happened a few times, and the guys were all my bros. 

Sam: There was a lot of food and coffee in the Gilmore episodes.  Amy, the creator of the show is an amazing cook...and so are you.   When you come home after being on tour and eating out all the time, what food do you most want to make?  (Though I am not a great cook, I just want to make my own toast and tea in the morning when I come home).

Jennifer: Hey, I've had your Christmas pot roast, Sam, and it was delicious!  I love cooking. I'm happy to make anything, but deciding what to cook is the hardest part of cooking for me!

Sam: You love animals and have adopted quite a few dogs and cats who needed homes.  One dog that you adopted was left at the pound because he was biting people.  You were able to completely turn that behavior around in him!  How did you do that?

Jennifer: With love!!!  We have a love triangle. Buster is now 18.

Sam:  What music is inspiring you right now?

Jennifer:  As you know, my love, and our favorite drummer, loves and collects records of many genres.  I'm inspired every day by artists or players we listen to in our home.  Last night we listened to Bobby Womack, Miriam Makeba's early recordings, Airto’s "Quartet Nuevo," Howard Tate "Get It While You Can", Ivory Joe Hunter, and Wendy Rene’s "After Laughter Comes Tears”.

Sam:  What else is inspires you?

Jennifer:  Nature! Compassion. Soul food, love, kindness, generosity, art, the Nat King Cole Trio trio, weather. 

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