The Professor, LA Shows and Meeting Bob Dylan

Posted on 2/11/2015


My aim this month was to tell you that Joe Henry and I will be performing 2 shows at Largo @ the Coronet theater on Sat. February 21st. Tickets are available at www.largo-la.com.  I have now done that, but there are other matters on my mind.

First, I want to link you up to Bob Dylan's speech at the Music Cares benefit last Saturday.

 I was introduced to Mr. Dylan when I was 16.   He smiled and asked me how long I had been playing guitar.   When I told him two years, he abruptly ended the conversation.  I  was amused and informed by that.   I kept playing guitar...and writing songs.   Coincidently, one of the things I now admire most about Bob Dylan is that he has not stopped playing or writing.   After all this time he has kept his eye on the ball and he has kept on telling the truth.

A few years ago, Jonathan Taplin asked me to be on a panel with Richard Nichols, Danger Mouse and T Bone Burnett at USC.   Jon is a movie producer and professor.   In his "Letter To The Millennials" (his students), he writes "There is a system of checks and balances in which, even though the arts may rely on the social structures afforded by strong economic and political systems, artists can also inspire a culture to move forward, to reject the evils of greed and prejudice, and to reconnect to it's human roots.   If we are seeking a political and economic change, then, an authentic embrace of the arts may be key."    Jon has many more interesting thoughts about culture, art, entertainment and technology here.

Finally, there is a group of good people who call themselves the Content Creators Coalition.   I like the conversations they are having and the changes they want to bring about.   More about them soon.

All the best from Sam











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