Message In A Bottle

Posted on 10/10/2014

I have received many newsletters and emails lately that are all about selling things.  While I appreciate e-commerce, it made me want to send out a few thoughts I had with hope that it might come in handy to you randomly...like a message in a bottle (without knocking any fish on the head).

I have a little box from a house I no longer own.  The box is filled with treasure: a beach rock, crystal, heather from last spring, orange blossoms from the winter, a pretty button from a dear friend's coat.  While looking through this box question comes to mind... What do I have?

So much, so little.  I often look at what I have the way other people see it.  A young heiress thinks I'm poor, a scientist thinks I am wealthy and have an interesting life, some songwriters think I am ahead of them or way behind them.  Today I have this pen and paper…yesterday I didn't have them.  Some days I already have the new friends, things and experiences that are on their way to me.  Other days I don't even have what is all around me.  

I know people with recognizable faces, lots of dollars, golden award statues, and many acquaintances who don't have all the things they have.  Having is tricky. 

There are days when I see the mountains just northeast of Los Angeles and I want to have them.  It is a very strong feeling.  Calling a real estate person never occurs to me, because I don’t think I would have those mountains if I actually owned them.  I want to paint, draw, photograph or just look at them for hours.  This is some other kind of having.

Maybe art and music can help us hold on to life and what we really want. 

There is a lot of posturing and imaging coming at us to sell us stuff.  Please take care not to let it discourage you or make you unhappy and dissatisfied, as it so often can.  

Okay -- that's it.  I have already written more than would fit in a bottle.  I hope you enjoy your weekend with a walk, some music, a crisp apple, a film or a book.

 All the best from Sam

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